INDEPENDENTS ARE SQUEAMISH about harsh, personal attacks against the President. People like the guy, just not the U.S. reality.

As the New York Times reports, Karl Rove’s group is drawing from their set of facts about Obama’s record hoping to hit a chord that rings true.

The ad is the work of two of the most fearsome players in Republican politics: Larry McCarthy, the producer behind the infamous Willie Horton commercial in 1988, and Crossroads GPS, the political battle squad founded by Karl Rove.

When it makes its debut Wednesday in 10 swing states as the centerpiece of a $25 million campaign, it is expected to become one of the most heavily broadcast political commercials of this phase of the general election.

The ad pushes austerity.

It remains stunning just how little people know about economics in a rough environment, thinking that taking revenue, also known as taxes, out of the system will help things. The bookend is the Obama administration’s half measures and economic message void for most of his first term.

The best ad I’ve seen this season was for Mitt Romney during a Food TV show. It was a biographical ad, showing Mitt Romney in a purely positive light, no mention of Obama. It was the most effective ad I’ve seen, but I’m sure there will be others. We live on the Virginia side of the Beltway, which is one of the battleground states being fought over by both Obama and Romney.