“Of course, even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.” – Mitt Romney

IT’S THE QUOTE OF THE DAY and is pitch perfect for the national media and political press.

On whether Mitt Romney would have given the order to take out Osama bin Laden, the quote is via Ginger Gibson of Politico. They also remind everyone that George W. Bush never shrunk from using 9/11. Via Burns and Haberman:

…it’s worth noting that George W. Bush’s first ad of the 2004 campaign featured footage of a stretcher getting carried out of ground zero with remains, as well as the charred shell of the World Trade Center.

As to what voters will respond to Romney’s Jimmy Carter OBL retort, it wasn’t as much for voters as it was for the conservative base, who loathe Carter and think of him as the ultimate weak president.

As for Arianna Huffington defending Mitt Romney, CBS “Morning Show” (and Chris Licht) strikes again by getting the quote and some attention on an early morning talk show that is earning respect.