“Justice for Trayvon” mob beatings are now a rising cause for the right, with a horrific crime leaving one man in critical condition.

Elevating “walking while white” is the most absurdly tortured false equivalency someone can hoist as an answer to George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin. But that’s what Erick Erickson was happy to legitimize when he drew attention to this post via Twitter.

And this is the third racially-motivated attack in which the attackers explicitly cited “Justice for Trayvon” as a motivation or excuse for the brutal attacks.

1. The Baltimore Beating. This was the videotaped gang attack on a drunk St. Patrick’s day reveler whose crime was Walking While White (Content Warning).

Baltimore’s Chief of Police says it’s not a hate crime. He’s very worried about the politics.

There’s one problem with that: the attackers say otherwise. The man identifying himself as the cameraman who giddily filmed the attack on the white tourist says…

“Lil Darren” is clearly an idiot. He’s angry, too. His reaction to the Trayvon Martin killing triggered it, which reminded me of another situation that lit another city on fire.

I lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King beating, trial and riots that engulfed part of the city. When King was beaten by police, which was caught on tape, the outrage was understandably red hot. The tape of the beating was played over and over again on TV. But when the venue to try the policemen involved was changed to Simi Valley, a bleached landscape where many police and firemen live, the outcome was set, many residents thought, including myself. When the verdict came down everyone knew what was coming.

When the National Guard was brought in, I was downtown as an independent writer and watched the tanks move in to the city. It was surreal.

The tragic beating of Matthew Owens, seen in the video above, which was fueled by a “justice for Trayvon” temper explosion, is the same sort of thing and it’s despicable.

What it’s not about is the ridiculous notion of “walking while white.” There’s no white man burden in America, though the right’s been stoking this since affirmative action was born.

It’s about fury.

It’s about the righteous injustice African Americans have had to contend with for over a century. Mobile, Alabama, where Matthew Owens was beaten to within an inch of his life, has a deep history of racial bigotry and violence. That a mob in Mobile could relate to the gunning down of Trayvon Martin through violence shouldn’t shock America.

“Driving while black” is part of the “trying to hail a taxi in New York while being black,” which is part of “walking while black,” all of which can lead to arrest, walking home, or getting killed, especially if you’re wearing a hoodie.