It’s primary Tuesday and Newt Gingrich is hanging on by his pudgy little fingers. But for how much longer?

Newt Gingrich hinted he may withdraw from the presidential race if he has a poor showing in the Delaware primary Tuesday “” a state where he has been actively campaigning for several weeks. – First Read, MSNBC

Politico’s Ginger Gibson, who’s been covering Gingrich, isn’t so sure it’s lost.

Meanwhile, Pres. Obama gets slammed by a Republican group in the video above, with Solyndra and the GSA scandal rich fodder for the right.

For those following the primary results tonight, Buzzfeed and Comedy Central are joining together in a Twitter extravaganza. Watch it at Comedy Central Indecision or Buzzfeed’s FB page, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Oh, and Ann Romney evidently hit it out of the park in Connecticut. I’ve been talking about Mrs. Romney since she started opening for her husband. She’s got the gift.