“What are you doing to prepare?” Lauer asked. “Are you reading some newspapers?” “Ohhh,” Palin said, sounding jokingly insulted. “Here we go.” – Huffington Post

It’s the 21st century version of Queen for a Day.

Katie Couric is filling in and guest hosting “Good Morning America” this week.

Tomorrow, “The Today Show” is having Sarah Palin in for the day.

From CNN:

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will co-host NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday, according to Megan Kopf, a spokeswoman for NBC Universal.

“She’ll reveal a different side of her than you’ve seen before,” the morning show’s website boasted Sunday.

In addition to rekindling memories of 2008, the two announcements come at a big moment for the competing morning talk shows. According to Nielsen, “Today” has won the ratings war for some time, but recently “Good Morning America” has been making a steady comeback, threatening to overtake “Today” as the top-watched morning show.

The SNL video is offered in honor of all the memories the thought of Couric and Palin evoke.

Oh, and I simply can’t resist posting Andrew Sullivan’s comments on Palin hosting “The Today Show” tomorrow.

I mean: NBC News isn’t just a total whore with no pretensions to actual journalism, right?

Sullivan is a regular guest on the Chris Matthews NBC access journalism suck up show, so the irony of his own statement on Palin is obviously lost on him.

Will you be watching tomorrow, and if so, who will you choose?

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