Watching the Republican vice presidential bubbles squeeze themselves to the top has been disappointing so far. Sarah Palin sure put a whammy on the Republican party.

I assume you saw this.

It was always the play, with Marco Rubio playing the disinterested pol organically because of circumstance. Chris Christie just too sloppy for the Romney photo visualization.

Rubio. Schmubio.

Why isn’t there more talk about female Republicans who could stand next to Mitt Romney?

It’s hard not to extrapolate that someone around Mitt Romney is wary of seriously vetting a woman. The press doesn’t seem to care either.

Sarah Palin’s vice presidential nomination started on the highest of political highs before nose diving. But she made up for it in 2010, though, just to blow it again. But love her or hate her, she rocked the right, blew her chance, then flamed out. Yeah, all that. The lesson Republicans are taking from it is that girls come with different kind of baggage.

Or does someone inside the Romney camp think a woman as vice president isn’t the move, because a woman shouldn’t rise to be president?

We’re the majority of the voters. It’s time to expect, even demand, women be considered for these executive branch jobs.

It also just doesn’t seem the elite press is as interested in the women that deserve to be given a fair vetting versus all of the men who are taken more seriously and assumed in the running.

Well, it’s time to shake up presumptions and challenge the audience.

Mary Matalin co-hosted for Rush Limbaugh, which never happens, creating one of the weirdest audio experiences I’ve ever heard and that’s going some, because I’ve been listening for years. The women’s vote is the thing this year.

So, highlighting the women serving in government, governor or senator, that are vice presidential material is worth network time. People deserve to see the female politicians that just might offer a different perspective that includes understanding the oppression women experience and the need for world cooperation to drag our sorry collective ass into a time where violence against women, in whatever form and includes economically and that includes reproductive health care access, because women live beyond our borders, is agreed upon and women don’t have so many people in our face and down our pants.

Can’t someone in these non-stop, morning to night infotainment shows learn to do short, snappy profiles of rising women on the right who are vice presidential material? Who are the leading Republican women in line for power? Starting with Gov. Susanna Martinez, then Sen. Kelly Ayotte, and Gov. Nikki Haley and… Who else?

Let’s meet the women.

America needs to see them and hear their stories.