Recordings of the court proceedings reviewed by Bloomberg News reveal that the audio has been edited.Bloomberg

In other words, it’s been give the Breitbart treatment.

This stunt won’t make the walk into modernity for the Supreme Court any easier, but it is a case for televising important oral arguments, though Chief Justice Roberts won’t see it that way, unfortunately.

From Bloomberg:

A review of a transcript and recordings of those moments shows that Verrilli took a sip of water just once, paused for a much briefer period and completed his thought — rather than stuttering and trailing off as heard in the edited version.

The ad marks a blurring of the line between the law and politics, in which the nation’s highest court — and the justices and lawyers who decide and argue cases — are becoming fodder for Republicans’ and Democrats’ arguments over the validity of the president’s signature domestic legislative achievement.

“Breitbart” is now a verb to me, as in to manipulate the truth so it comports with your ideological way of thinking.