Art offers his perspective as a movement progressive activist.

Mitt is channeling his inner Paula Deen in the South.

“Morning, ya’ll,” Romney told a campaign rally on Friday in Jackson, Mississippi. “I got started this morning right with a biscuit and some cheesy grits.”

Mitt Loves Some Grits!

Too bad Santorum can’t find his populist groove against Mittens.

Mitt also flip flopped again, this time it is the minimum wage. No wonder voters making over $100,000 are turning out at higher numbers in the GOP primary than ’08. From Yahoo!:

It didn’t get much notice amid the buildup to Super Tuesday. But after conservative outcry over his support for raising the minimum wage, Mitt Romney quietly reversed his position this week.

“There’s probably not a need to raise the minimum wage,” the Republican front-runner told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow on Monday.

As recently as January, Romney said he was in favor of a hike in the minimum wage. “My view has been to allow the minimum wage to rise with the CPI [Consumer Price Index] or with another index so that it adjusts automatically over time,” he told a staffer for a labor-backed group that supports a raise. And he confirmed that stance last month, telling reporters: “I haven’t changed my thoughts on that.”

Romney took the same position as governor of Massachusetts, an office he held from 2003 to 2007, and as a candidate for president in 2008.

Mr. Rich doesn’t think working people need a wage increase? Gee, two months ago he thought the reverse. So what does he truly think?

And yes, I know Obama has not actively pushed for a wage increase since becoming president which is outrageous for a Democratic president. But does anyone think Obama would say to a national audience working people do not need a wage increase?