“We have to either make the decision to make a full commitment, which this president hasn’t done, or we have to decide to get out and probably get out sooner.” – Rick Santorum

In recent polling cited across the morning shows today, 60% of the American people don’t think the Afghanistan war was worth it.

I’d really like to see Republicans try to make the Santorum case that Pres. Obama hasn’t made a “full commitment” and define what that means if he hasn’t.

Pres. Karzai is calling it an “assassination.”

P.J. Crowley thinks the massacre in Afghanistan is the tipping point. He tweeted this after the U.S. soldier, reportedly on his fourth tour, walked a mile to kill 16 Afghanis, including women and 9 children:

This is the Tet moment in #Afghanistan. The string of recent incidents will send public opinion in both countries into permanent decline. – PJ Crowley on Twitter

The reaction among some right-wingers was quite different, which one blogger posted.

If this doesn’t get Republican candidates talking about Afghanistan, separating themselves from the theory of “winning,” what will?

The Taliban has said they will retaliate.

News travels slowly in Afghanistan.