Rush Limbaugh has been phoning it in on his radio show for years. What he was in the ’90s into the 2000s is a different league from the lazy oaf who takes his audience for granted, while leading them around by their ideological noses, while the Republican Party cowers at his every belch.

It’s truly embarrassing to see what has developed this week and what that says about right-wing radio audiences everywhere.

Following the reports on Limbaugh advertisers who have dropped him it’s still hard to discern who’s actually pulled permanently, temporarily and how many advertisers are sticking with the wingnut blow hard.

I’ve done radio and one sign of pure amateurism is dead air.

That phenomenon evidently hit El Rushbo today, with Media Matters even has the tape of the silence. It’s the best Limbaugh has sounded in a decade.

Then Rush Limbaugh’s site was scrubbed of his smears of Sandra Fluke, which was first reported by The Atlantic, which comes complete with website white space. appears to have removed parts of his radio transcripts from February 29 and March 1 in which he called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and demanded a sex tape as a thank you to taxpayers for subsidizing her birth control. The links to “Butts Sisters Are Safe From Newt and Rick” and “Left Freaks Out Over My Fluke Remarks” now show blank stretches of white space. On March 3, Limbaugh posted an apology on his website. On March 5, he apologized at length on his show. In between, he was not apologetic at all. It’s the first round of insults and that bit of doubling down that appear to have been scrubbed.

After watching the rise of right-wing radio, which had a huge role in targeting Pres. Clinton in the ’90s, to finally see Rush Limbaugh called out and no longer get away with what he has for so long, is something that’s long past due.

It just might be the dawning of a new era, because even though Rush Limbaugh isn’t going anywhere, his number is up.