“Mitt Romney winning closely in his home state is like Charlie Sheen barely winning a primary in a Hooters.” – Paul Begala (via CBS “Morning Show”)

The day of Mitt Romney’s Michigan squeaker, Olympia Snowe gives Republicans another huge headache.

Here’s part of her statement that set off Jonathan Chait to wondering whether Ms. Snowe is bound for, of all places, Americans Elect:

As I enter a new chapter, I see a vital need for the political center in order for our democracy to flourish and to find solutions that unite rather than divide us. It is time for change in the way we govern, and I believe there are unique opportunities to build support for that change from outside the United States Senate. I intend to help give voice to my fellow citizens who believe, as I do, that we must return to an era of civility in government driven by a common purpose to fulfill the promise that is unique to America. – Sen. Olympia Snowe’s Retirement Announcment

I don’t see it, but then I’m not as paranoid as many on the left about Americans Elect’s efforts, even if they will represent insiders and the mushy middle.

It comes as David Boren, former Oklahoma governor and senator, who backed Obama endorses Americans Elect, saying the the U.S. political system needs “electric shock therapy”.

That’s hard to argue against.

Oh, and just in case you weren’t tired of seeing the last men standing debate one another. Mike Huckabee is hosting a Fox News Channel forum this coming Saturday night, with everyone but Ron Paul having accepted the invitation.

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