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Clinton Blasts Russia and China on Syria; NATO Pulls Advisers Out of Kabul After 2 U.S. Officers Killed

Secy. Clinton’s statement on Syria from Friday is unequivocal. “The entire world, other than Russia and China, were willing to recognize we must take international action against the Syrian regime,” Clinton said. She went further, calling the action of China and Russia “despicable.” Then asked “Whose side are they on?” Clinton saying neither were on the side of the Syrian people.

Juan Cole writes about Hamas dispersing their interests away from Syria, their long-time patron.

Today, Mitt Romney on Fox News Sunday was asked about Pres. Obama’s apology for the inadvertent burning of Qurans at Bagram airbase, which reportedly had extremist messages inside. Romney asserted “this just sticks in their throat.” Wallace continued the mantra that “winning in Afghanistan” is even possible, whatever that definition means. Romney taking issue with Pres. Obama announce a date to draw down forces, inserting illogical neoconservatism in the place of assessing reality.

When it comes to foreign policy, minus Ron Paul, all of the Republican candidates are 20th century relics when it comes to envisioning America’s role in the world today.

In Afghanistan, the report from the New York Times:

Two American officers were shot dead inside the Interior Ministry building here on Saturday, and NATO responded by immediately pulling all its advisers out of Afghan ministries in Kabul, in a deepening of the crisis over the American military’s burning of Korans at a NATO military base.

The order by the NATO commander, Gen. John R. Allen, came on the fifth day of virulent anti-American demonstrations across the country, and it was a clear sign of concern that the fury had reached deeply into even the Afghan security forces and ministries working most closely with the coalition.

And a word about war with Iran from a friend of Tom Ricks:

The worst possible thing to do is go to war with Iran. The key is the people — and they are sick of the mullahs. Right now the pressure is working to separate the people from the regime. A limited strike would undercut all that.

[...] There is no doubt [that there is a huge divergence between U.S. interests and those of Israel]. We want to stop Israel from attacking so the issue is how to persuade Israel that we are serious about stopping Iran from having a weapon — like a congressional finding that we will take all steps necessary to stop Iran. It means we will define red lines that can’t be crossed.

But the bottom line is, I don’t know a single person in government, civilian or in uniform, who thinks it is in our national interest to go to war with Iran now.

Kiss of death? Rick Santorum gets a glowing tribute by Michael Ledeen in the Wall Street Journal over Santorum’s stance on Iran.

Turning to the GOP primary race, John Heilemann writes a long piece on Romney and the culmination of his candidacy that comes down to Michigan.

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4 Responses to Clinton Blasts Russia and China on Syria; NATO Pulls Advisers Out of Kabul After 2 U.S. Officers Killed

  1. fangio February 26, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    So the game of “  Risk  “  that Israel and the United States have been playing in the middle east for fifty years is now coming to it’s ugly conclusion.  One country,  a theocracy made possible by the interference of the United States in it’s internal affairs in the 1950′s,  and another country,  created out of whole cloth by the United States and the United Nations,  will soon be at war  (  one way or the other  ).  This will of course destabilize whatever there is left to destabilize in the region.  Where was Hillary Clinton during the ten long years of the Iraq occupation;  where was the concern for the human rights of the Iraqi women and children who were being blown to pieces day after bloody day.  Where was the concern for the people who were being murdered practically every hour of every day in a conflict that she was partly responsible for.  In the annals of hypocrisy nothing comes close to the United States.  We are destined to end up as Britain,  armed to the teeth,  buried in debt and still unable to keep our noses out of everyone else’s  business;  while not being able to take care of our own.

    • spincitysd February 27, 2012 at 1:46 am #

      another country,  created out of whole cloth by the United States and the United Nations — Fangio

      Your history is suspect Fangio, the history of Israel is a lot more complex than that. It reaches all the way back to the turn of 19th century and into the post WWI collapse of the Ottomans.

      But in the long run, how Israel was created is of little import. Humpty Dumpty can not be put together. Israel is every bit as legitimate as any other nation that came into existence post WWII. The state has been in existence for three generations. It is not going anywhere, and has the nuclear arms to insure that it is not going anywhere.

      In short Israel is as “real” as it gets. It’s larger than life and twice as ugly. So, let us deal with that unpleasant reality, shall we? Let us deal with the reality of client state that has jumped the tracks and gone deep into the weeds. Let us deal with the toxic domestic politics that neocon radicals have created by their support of the notion of Greater Israel. Let us figure out how the US once again becomes the honest broker for peace in the Levant, instead of dog wagged by the Likudnik tail. We won’t get there by buying in to far too chic, Phil-Paslistinianism. We do not get there by making black white. Israel exists, it is therefore legitimate; have a nice day.

  2. spincitysd February 27, 2012 at 1:23 am #

    Ah Afghanistan,

    The graveyard of empires lives up to its name. Riddle me this, after over ten years of involvement, how is our military so bone-jarringly stupid as to burn Qur’ans and not even thoroughly? Did they learn nothing from the furor about the abuse of Qur’ans in Gitmo and Bagram way back in the Bush era?  That they screwed the pooch at Bagram again is ridiculous.

    Seriously, is there any freaking adult supervision going on in Afghanistan at all? It looks like the men and women on the ground are just mailing it in. Or is this just another bit of our military that was “outsourced” to some politically connected, sloppy as hell, contractor? If there is a need to perform this action, this burning of Qur’ans, then do the damn thing properly. The whole incident speaks volumes about how un-serious we are about our Afghan misadventure.

  3. mjsmith February 27, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

    This person knows what he is talking about.

    More arms wrong strategy in Syria

    Washington, D.C – Following a week when more brave reporters died chronicling President Bashar al-Assad’s slaughter of more than 6,000 of his countrymen, you hear more calls for sending weapons to the embattled opposition militia known as the “Free Syrian Army.”

    More weapons undoubtedly will flow to the opposition, one way or another, but they’re not going to bring about a democratic Syria. The moral case for arming the rebels may be strong, but it doesn’t overcome the practical problem: The battlefield is Assad’s area of strength, not weakness. [read on]

    TM NOTE: This comment was shortened due to copyright issues in posting the entire column.

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