and you get a skybox… and you get a skybox… and you get a skybox!

How perfect and what optics.

But since the leader of the Democratic Party has already chosen the right-to-work message in North Carolina, looking to his own swing state desperation over unions, an institution that made the middle class, if anyone’s shocked by Obama being cozy with BofA they deserve a dunce cap and the corner.

If the likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney did such a thing, which would be as predictable, he’d be tarred and feathered by the national media, with partisan political writers on the left squealing like the Geiko pig.

From the Charlotte Observer:

The move to the Carolina Panthers’ 74,000-seat stadium would replicate the 2008 convention, where Obama accepted the nomination at a packed Invesco Field in Denver.

The move, which would open the speech to the public, is designed to help mobilize voters in North Carolina, a key swing state. It could also serve as a perk to donors, who could be rewarded with skybox seats.

It’s not the big stadium, because I was at Invesco Field in Denver, which was incredible, the Roman column egotism notwithstanding. We’re talking about Bank of America here. It’s only a symbol, but it’s powerful, because it’s the foundation of what ails us all.

It’s all so reminiscent of the Oprah, you’re The One era, when Barack Obama flew in on his magic carpet of positive press, a fawning public and an anticipatory world. Except today the press isn’t so positive, the public is long past fawning and the world has learned Pres. Obama is just another politician.

…while inside the Obama bubble he’s still The One.

Andrew Sullivan, who enjoyed a classic Chris Matthews fluffing last night that I couldn’t watch because it set off my gag reflex, is now joined by the esteemed Jared Bernstein, someone I read daily, in trying to explain how they see Pres. Obama’s record, wondering why credit isn’t being given. One reason is that there is a potent counter case that is more believable. What people like Sullivan, but also Berstein, don’t get is that giving credit to any president requires an emotional connection and caring from people about how he’s seen. When a politician doesn’t connect emotionally with we the people & he/she is remote & uninvolved in the people’s daily struggles they are uninterested in the president’s plight.

Choosing Bank of America Stadium just confirms what people have come to believe about Barack Obama.

It’s part of why Ron Paul has become so popular, someone who has tapped into the anti-war, anti-Bank of America sentiments and is riding them, regardless of other parts of his Libertarianism that have to be ignored to stomach.

Pres. Obama has never developed a relationship with we the people that reveals any understanding at all about what’s going on in your average middle class life. The decision to present himself for nomination at the Bank of American Stadium just drives what so many people have come to feel about him home.

It looks like the American electorate is facing two 1% presidential candidates. It’s the contest I was hoping would manifest, because it’s the match up that most perfectly represents the rot in our political system.