According to Carl Cameron and Chuck Todd, Perry will drop, but FNC says he will also endorse the Newtster. Burns & Haberman have a write-up.

He tried bashing gays in Iowa.

He tried race baiting in South Carolina, leading a charge on a new civil war on behalf of religion.

But he just doesn’t have the national chops.

Rick Perry is reportedly dropping out on quite a news day for the men who could benefit from his departure.

Marianne Gingrich in an interview is rumored, according to Fox News Channel, to say that Newt’s a wannabe swinger. If that image doesn’t launch your gag reflex nothing will. Such salacious sniping from an ex-wife seems made for South Carolina.

Then you have Rick Santorum “winning” Iowa, after a recount in that state. Oh, but lily-livered Republicans in that state won’t give it to him.

It leaves Mitt Cayman Cash Romney up against it, because the gaffes of this guy, as I’ve written before, are starting to pile up high. If Republicans start doubting Cayman Cash Mitt’s electability, what else does he have?

Looking at November, if you can’t beat Pres. Obama, you might as well beat him up and Newt’s the guy who can do that best.

Momentum Newt.

Who’s bringing the beer for tonight’s CNN debate?

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