Art offers his perspective as a movement progressive activist.

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So what are Democrats getting out of our president when it comes to issues like being forceful against the ruthless practices of big banks?

How about President Obama having his acceptance speech at the Bank of America stadium. That should play real well with the 99 percent.

The DNC decided to run the 2012 convention out of non-corporate donations, but they are having problems getting enough funding this way. So they are working to find away around their rules. From Bloomberg:

The host committee is trying to work around the restrictions, imposed by Obama, by asking for “in-kind” contributions from corporations and accepting unlimited funds from non-profit organizations such as charitable foundations associated with major corporations.

Jim Rogers, chief executive of Duke Energy Corp. and chairman of the Charlotte host committee, has tried to clarify the rules for potential donors.

At a Dec. 15 briefing at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington, Rogers, along with Steve Kerrigan, the convention’s chief executive officer, sought to enlist federally registered lobbyists, who are barred from contributing directly to Obama’s campaign or convention, to get corporate clients to help underwrite the convention”¦

The 1 percent has been offered a set of great packages if they give big money. Here is what the 1 percent can get:

A pitch from the host committee outlines four different tiers for high-level donors and what they can expect to receive for their contribution.

At the $1 million “presidential” level, donors will receive a “premier uptown hotel room,” a “platinum credential package,” a “platinum events package,” as well as “concierge services.”

At the $500,000 “Gold Rush” level, donors are given a hotel room, a credential and a “premiere events package.”

What do these packages have that most won’t get: access, one on one meetings with the President and so forth.

This is the problem with big money in politics. Access for the rich to POTUS, influencing policy decisions while rank and file party members and activists are locked out.

It is antithetical to me for the Democrats to hold their prime time moment at Bank of America stadium. Grassroots Democrats say they are opposed to the power of big banks, Wall Street and corporations yet wind up with leaders who see no problem hoarding money from big oil, big corporations, and the rest of the 1%. Something has to change.

And progressives have begun to react to this potential move to the B of A stadium. A few tweets:

David Sirota
How Poetic and Appropriate: “Obama May Move DNC Convo Speech to Bank of America Stadium”

Susie Madrak
Obama May Move Convention Speech to Bank of America Stadium – Bloomberg via @BloombergNews// The REAL audience!

Meanwhile so many are angry with BofA over their practices, and as the bank continues to face legal hot waters, it might start closing branches in parts of the country.