Kristen Long - Politico

Pres. Obama’s approval ratings show he’s the most vulnerable incumbent president in modern times. But you’ll excuse me if I demur on any prospects of Republicans taking Pennsylvania, which never happens in presidential elections. However, a new element in the mix is finally floating to the top and that’s the real appearance of outsider candidates that could put the 2012 race into a 1912 Bull Moose or 1948 Strom-Dixiecrat – Wallace-Progressive Party free-for-all territory.

Rocky Anderson is reportedly starting a third party:

Disgusted with what he calls the corrupting influence of corporate money and militarism in politics, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is launching a new national political party and will likely be its presidential nominee.

“The end game is changing public policy in the interest of the people of this country. It’s changing our government,” Anderson said. “This is about taking on the two corporatist, militarist parties and in the process bringing the people of this country together so they can see that their interests, by and large, are really aligned.”

Anderson said he will likely be a candidate for the presidential nomination for the new party ““ which is yet to be named. He said the formation of the party will be announced next week “and shortly thereafter, I’ll be announcing my candidacy.” He has already started filling out paperwork for a presidential exploratory committee. [read more]

Buddy Roemer will also seek the Americans Elect nomination:

Manchester, NH- Today I officially announce that I will seek the Americans Elect nomination as a proud Republican but as an even prouder American. Our country is on the wrong track and Americans are in search of real leadership. Leadership that isn’t predetermined by lobbyists, political parties, or Wall Street executives, but leadership that is free to do what is right for the citizens of our great nation.

Jon Huntsman is being coy about possibly running as an independent, which was seen earlier this week in a Boston Globe interview, though I remain very skeptical he will. However, keeping his Republican powder dry for another run in 2016 seems foolish, because even though you can’t predict politics 3 months out let alone four years, the big guns that didn’t run this time, people like Chris Christie, will come in with a lot of support from the start.

The one thing missing from this outsider push for the presidency is a woman. There remains a conventional streak among female politicians, likely because our American system of power is tilted decidedly toward men, that makes a woman’s entry into this independent fray not only unlikely, but non-existent.

It’s one reason why I tip my hat to Conservatives4Palin, who raised the paltry sum required to run an ad in Sioux City, Iowa, encouraging their candidate to “Run, Sarah, Run.”

The Sarah Palin in the ad below is trying to reclaim where she began in Alaska, as an outsider standing up against crony capitalism, which is where she made her last mark this past Labor Day in her last big speech. Having been chewed up and spit out by the Republican Party boys’ club machine, even if her historic vice presidential candidacy put her on the map, which I talk about in my book The Hillary Effect. Sarah Palin is certainly no worse than Newt.

That may not sound like much, but in the current Republican circus, Newt has become the latest frontrunner standard.