Going back to 2006, my opinion of Steve Rattner is on the record (cross-posted at Huffington Post at the time), because he’s part of the problem with the Democratic Party. He was a Lieberman Democrat as well. Rattner’s also a big favorite of the “Morning Joe” team.

Today Mr. Rattner channeled what I believe is the Obama administration’s view of Elizabeth Warren, illustrating why Pres. Obama hung her out to dry, which I’ve talked about many times before.

Rattner’s comment came in an off the cuff moment right before a commercial break and after a brief discussion of what a “great candidate” Elizabeth Warren has shown herself to be. Mike Barnicle coming down on that side as well, agreeing with Mika Brzezinski that “odds on she will win,” though we’re an awfully long way out for predictions, in my opinion.

Scarborough: “She’s a great candidate. But Scott Brown’s a great candidate. Steve Rattner, are you going to write a check to a Republican this year in Massachusetts?

Rattner: “I may well. I may well. I may well. I think that she is actually on the wrong side of a lot these issues. The banks did a lot of bad stuff, but not what she thinks they did.”

This is why Tim Geithner reportedly devised a plan to keep Warren out of running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, her brainchild, while Pres. Obama didn’t lift a finger to support this woman.

Elizabeth Warren is just too tough on the too big to fail banks as far as big money Democrats like Steve Rattner and the boss, Pres. Obama, are concerned.

Tim Geithner is the leading the protection racket inside the Administration for the big banks, Larry Summers the primary cheerleader.

Pres. Obama’s protection policy for the big banks and Wall Street, while allowing them to make more money in Obama’s first years than they did in Bush’s 8, is just one reason why Rocky Anderson is announcing the formation of the Justice Party today at 2:00 p.m.