“The tea party Republicans are wagging the Republican dog and saying to your leadership, “˜we don’t want to do this,'” charged Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.). – Politico

The two-month payroll tax extention deal is ridiculous and came about because Democrats couldn’t figure a way to stand on a line and force the issue, caving on the millionaire surtax (and Keystone XL), which sent yet another message that they won’t fight for anything. So what else is new? Now Speaker Boehner is the one on the line, though that could eventually turn.

If “more work needs to be done,” as Jay Carney said in his briefing, then Sen. Reid, Pres. Obama and everyone else should have worked through Christmas and right up until the deadline. Is that what it will take to push Republicans? You don’t know until you make the move. But you don’t go home until they blink. If they don’t blink then Democrats would have proved what’s going on the stroke after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

After all, it’s not like every American isn’t working right now, right up until Christmas. I sure as hell am and so is my husband.

I’m not sure what Boehner and his wacky House team think they can accomplish, because Senate Republicans voted for it and Reid says he’s not bringing anyone back. But Boehner has just created a problem, because now Reid’s on the grill, which wouldn’t have happened if the Senate leisure class hadn’t ducked out of Washington instead of doing their jobs, which applies doubly, in my opinion, to the Democrats.

Yes, Republicans have a gridlock jerk fetish, no kidding.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t keep pressing them until the clock runs out, instead of running out while the clock’s still ticking, which is exactly what Reid and McConnell have done.

From Politico:

The 229-193 partisan vote capped a wild few days of legislating and sends a message that Congress has chosen partisan stalemate over finding a quick solution before taxes go up and unemployment benefits go away for millions.

House Republicans, who were taken aback by the overwhelmingly bipartisan 89-10 Senate vote on the two-month extension, are trying to force the Senate to convene an old fashioned conference committee and somehow forge agreement on a full one-year extension of the payroll tax cut. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he will not re-start negotiations until the House passes a two-month extension.

We need more Independent congresspeople, because then we wouldn’t have this seesaw of silliness.

But for Jay Carney to call this a “bipartisan compromise” reveals not just how broken Congress is today, but that the Senate is composed of elites who have their own self-interest in mind.

Reid and McConnell ducking out of Washington isn’t a compromise. For Democrats, it’s political malpractice. It’s about the Democrats refusing to push Republicans to the wall, even if it included giving up some of their own personal Christmastime.

Speaker Boehner is calling Reid’s bluff. But is he and his caucus willing to do what Democrats and Senate Republicans won’t?

The problem for Reid now is that the bill is now back in the Senate, with Boehner & his caucus waiting for conference.

Is Boehner now prepared to push the point through Christmas and up into New Year’s Eve? That’s evidently his play, so we will see.

But would anyone be surprised to see Reid and the Senate back in session next week? See the debt ceiling debacle.