In Iowa, both Romney and Paul are each up five points among likely caucus goers from a CNN/Time/ORC poll conducted at the start of December. The new survey indicates that Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania, is at 16% support, up 11 points from the beginning of the month, with Gingrich at 14%, down from 33% in the previous poll. Since Gingrich’s rise late last month and early this month in both national and early voting state surveys, he’s come under attack by many of the rival campaigns. – CNN Poll: Romney on top, Gingrich fading & Santorum rising in Iowa

He’s just so yesterday’s news, as Mitt Romney continues the assault on Gingrich, which was helped out by Republicans and conservatives who know better than to go down that road again.

Joe Scarborough, who was one of the first and most powerful anti-Newt voices to blast on to the scene, and his “Morning Joe” team did more to peel back Newt Gingrich’s real record than anyone. A relentless daily excavation of Newt’s scurrilous political character helped set the stage for Romney’s friends to do the rest.

The headlines today are good for Mitt Romney, very bad for Michele Bachmann.

Politico headline one: Michele Bachmann chair defects to Ron Paul.

Politico headline two: Bachmann chair’s surprise defection.

Des Moines Register: Breaking: Michele Bachmann campaign chairman endorses Ron Paul.

Mark Halperin: Bachmann Iowa Chair Ditches Her for Paul.

CNN– TRENDING: High-profile Bachmann backer deals blow to her Iowa campaign, endorses Paul.

It goes on and on from there.

But as Bachmann’s campaign further collapses, the last right-wing circus performer to get his turn in the ring is now Rick Santorum.

That development made Erik Erickson surly today, because it “[ensures] Mitt Romney wins the nomination.”

At the White House they’ve got to be readying their greatest hits version for the oncoming assault. Obama reelect already unloaded a lot on Mitt Romney, but it didn’t stick with Republicans. You can say it’s because of the lame field, but it’s also because of Romney.

Love him or hate him, Mitt Romney has proved mostly unflappable, except for his moment with Brett Baier that revealed what’s been written about Mr. Romney before. That he is thin-skinned and brittle, something that Obama reelect will mine to the most.

It’s really the perfect match-up, one I’ve been hoping would manifest, which I made obvious, because these two men perfectly represent everything that’s wrong with the Democratic and Republican parties. Obama versus Romney also shows the big two parties as they really are today: corporate, Wall Street candidates vying for top fat cat post.

Neither Barack Obama or Mitt Romney have an ideological core or compass. They’ve both been on opposite sides of issues, playing to expediency in the moment when push came to decision. They are both nonchalant where the working class are concerned, neither able to reach the middle class, with hopes of a relationship with we the people non-existent.

We’re looking at Mr. Cool versus Mr. Ice.

Color me unimpressed.