With Newt Gingrich now capturing the wild imaginings of the rabid right primary voter, it’s no wonder Rick Perry’s been reduced to this latest stunt. The ad is titled “Strong.” It divided the Perry campaign, according to a report by Sam Stein.

But not everyone was comfortable with the script. When the ad was being crafted several weeks ago, Perry’s top pollster, Tony Fabrizio, called it “nuts,” according to an email sent from Fabrizio to the ad’s main creator, longtime GOP operative Nelson Warfield. In a separate email to The Huffington Post, Warfield confirmed that the ad was made over Fabrizio’s objections.

“Tony was against it from the get-go,” Warfield wrote. “It was the source of some extended conversation in the campaign. To be very clear: That spot was mine from writing the poll question to test[ing] it to drafting the script to overseeing production.”

The folks over at Americablog noticed something special about the ad, Perry’s jacket, with the photo below coming from them.

If you haven’t had your complete fill of Rick Perry, check out Vanity Fair‘s January issue. From “the rumors about gay affairs” to the “painkiller use,” it’s brutal.

Some people just aren’t meant for the national stage. But his fashion choice in “Strong” really is quite precious.