This is why people don’t trust Congress. It’s also why people want another option besides Democrats and Republicans, with an independent force desperately needed in Congress.

Governing in two-month increments, while Democrats cave on principle after principle. It just never ends.

From Politico:

Senate leaders struck a tentative deal Friday night to extend the payroll tax rate and jobless benefits through the end of February, electing to punt tough economic decisions into the new year.

[…] In the frenzy of deal-making Friday evening, Republicans won a major concession: The package includes a provision prodding Obama to make a decision on the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, which has divided labor groups from environmental activists in the Democratic ranks.

Do you notice lately that all we keep reading about is Democrats make a “major concession”? The translation of that is Republicans win again.

Now it’s over to Pres. Obama to finally stand on a line on Keystone XL. Or maybe he’ll find a way around it, though that would take some political gamesmanship, which Democrats don’t seem to do anymore.