David Fincher plays Santa Claus to adults this Christmas with a R-rated thriller that is sadistically brilliant, red hot and freezing at the same time. Violence is employed efficiently to answer evil, frighteningly effective as a necessary human tool for fractured reality.

People who have lived any part of their life on an edge will understand.

It’s spellbinding. Emotionally gutting and satiating if you’ve ever hungered for revenge. An investment delivered for adults who too many times come away from today’s films still starved.

Without saying anything about the plot, for those who don’t know the substance of the diabolical ride that pulls everything and everyone apart, as a feminist you sometimes want to scream with Rooney Mara.

Ms. Mara’s performance is the stuff of sensual explosiveness mixed with the curse of genius, naïveté and the haunting reality of her own unbendable soul’s code.

It is always impossible to take your eyes off of Daniel Craig.

“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” takes you into the heart’s tortured wilderness and makes you want to take the journey again. It doesn’t matter the ending.

The Los Angeles Times has a compilation of reviews.

To answer Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir’s question: Do we really need an entire new series of these films?”

Emphatically, yes. To deprive would be torture, just like parts of this film.