Scott Pelley was a terrible moderator. He treated the men who might be the next commander in chief like schoolchildren, cutting them off in mid-sentence, lecturing them to answer his questions. He even lectured Newt Gingrich on policy, telling him that killing “terrorist suspects” is “not the rule of law.” Big mistake. Newt smacked him down, explaining that we are at war and in war we are allowed to kill the enemy without a court order. This was CBS’s first and only debate ““ and it showed. – The Big Loser of the Night: CBS

If Major Garrett hadn’t been sitting next to Scott Pelley and assisting him the entire debate would have been unwatchable.

Mr. Pelley was not only a huge distraction, but his time keeping duty took precedence over actually keeping time correctly. Very early, he interrupted Romney well before his time was up and had to apologize to him for it. It got worse from there, with one cringe-worthy moment from Pelley having him scold the crowd that he’d not accept any booing. The serial interruptions of the candidates, whom voters were trying to hear, bordered on the absurd.

Whoever scheduled this travesty at such a ridiculous time and day is obviously clueless to the habits of normal people. Or perhaps they knew Scott Pelley wasn’t capable of moderating a debate.

Pelley’s performance last night was an embarrassment for CBS News, but maybe CBS will get lucky and Michele Bachmann’s tantrum will take most of the oxygen out of the reviews.

In the email string, CBS News’ political analyst John Dickerson said that Bachmann was “not going to get many questions during the debate and she’s nearly off the charts,” a reference to the Minnesota congresswoman’s low standing in the polls. … After the debate Stewart said that CBS News was guilty of “a bias” against Bachmann. “I inadvertently received an email where CBS made it clear that Michele was going to receive fewer questions than the other candidates. Clearly this is a problem,” Stewart said. – GOP Candidates Blast CBS News’ for “˜Disgraceful’ Bias at South Carolina Debate

Ron Paul wasn’t happy either.

I remain struck that Jon Huntsman, who just hasn’t been a good national candidate, really would turn a lot of heads if he’d ever make it to the general electorate.

Mitt Romney continues to skate by each debate without a glove landing on him, so these debates aren’t serving conservatives at all who want him challenged.