President Barack Obama’s job approval rating is up, from a negative 41 – 55 percent October 6, to a split today with 47 percent approving and 49 percent disapproving in a Quinnipiac University poll released today. The president has leads of 5 to 16 percentage points over likely Republican challengers. Voters also are divided 47 – 49 percent on whether Obama deserves reelection, compared to last month, when voters said 54 – 42 percent he did not deserve reelection. – Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Cain And Gingrich Up As Romney Stalls And Perry Fades

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Is it time Republicans started to root for Newt?

Compared to Herman Cain’s idiocy, I’d say yes.

At least Mr. Gingrich has a working knowledge of the last 50 years and won’t pontificate about China going nuclear, as Cain did with Judy Woodruff, evidently not having a clue that they’ve been nuclear for decades.

Poor Sarah Palin, she’s a genius compared to the current frontrunner, a man who doesn’t know squat about foreign policy and whose economic plan is a joke.

It’s why I’ve been writing for over a year that Pres. Obama is still the best bet to win in 2012.

Never have Republicans had a better chance to fulfill their dream of making Mr. Obama a one-term president. But with these bozos, who keep proving they’re not fit for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the American people are getting a sense that though Obama isn’t inspiring at his job at this point, these people would be far worse.

The lesser of two evils bites again, at least so far.

However, I still feel if Mitt Romney can make it through the clown primaries, he’d be a formidable challenger for Obama.

Meanwhile, many hope for an outsider type to enter the race next year. Anyone who could give the establishment moneyed men a challenge.