There is no substitute for political courage.

In 2010, citing the frail economy, the president made the choice to extend even the cuts he had promised to fight. The White House claimed victory at the time, pointing to GOP concessions in the same agreement on jobless benefits and a payroll tax cut for workers. The deal also helped Obama regain momentum after his party’s midterm losses a month earlier, though the extension of the Bush tax cuts was seen by many Democrats as an unnecessary concession. – Supercommittee’s failure pushes Bush tax cuts to forefront of 2012 campaign

Very few saw extending the Bush tax cuts as a moment where Pres. Obama regained momentum. However, the concession was born before the midterm elections when Pres. Obama chose not to have a Democratic economic message to compete with the Tea Party.

Meanwhile, nobody is doing anything about jobs or economic growth or anything that will turn the situation around for the 99%. An issue that didn’t get Pres. Obama’s attention until he was running for re-election.

There are plenty of people to blame. What we need are politicians that don’t belong to the Democratic or Republican parties in Congress in greater numbers. Get on that, will you, America? Please.

But there is just no way Republicans can make the case that the wealthiest 1% should have tax cuts while the 99% suck it up and watch income disparity grow. But Grover Norquist thinks they can.

Pres. Obama is weak on leadership, but he’s one of the best campaigners in Democratic Party history. If he takes the message that Republicans think the wealthiest need a tax cut, while they ask for Social Security recipients to pay for it, to the people, I’d take that to Las Vegas and place the house on a bet. That’s an unbeatable message for Barack Obama.

It would put Mitt Romney in a very uncomfortable position, especially with all the negative advertising team Obama will unload on Mr. Corporation.

These games are killing this country, with this latest development nothing compared to what we’re going to see as everyone scrambles to nuke the automatic cutbacks that are supposed to be triggered by the supercommittee failing.

George W. Bush has got to be laughing. Just when we think we’re rid of that man his fetid policies drag us back under. Again.