“Ginger, Friends are forever. Everything else is a bonus.” – Herman Cain (book signing text)

Jonathan Martin does the take down of Herman Cain, who is now representative of a group of Republican wannabe presidential candidates that defy reality.

Later in the day, Block told ABC there’s “no way he’s dropping out” and that the reassessment was “not a reassessment of withdrawing” from the 2012 race.

That familiar Keystone Kops performance is a reflection of an organization staffed by few operatives with presidential experience, working for a political neophyte who’s proven himself ill-equipped for a national campaign. The combination of a supremely self-assured candidate ““ speaking in the third person and convinced of his own ability to talk himself out of any jam ““ surrounded by a group of not-ready-for-prime-time aides making it up as they go along has resulted in a campaign meltdown for the ages.

There’s a reason the Tea Party has crashed and burned in public opinion. Herman Cain is exhibit A why.

Jon Huntsman served up a very fitting blast from the past: “We’ve got real issues to talk about, not the latest bimbo eruption.”

You know it’s bad when not even Ginger White, who received gifts, plane rides and lavish holidays, thinks Herman Cain would make a good president. That’s after 13 years of cash and trinkets coming her way.

Ginger White, who says she was involved in a 13 or 14 year “on and off” affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, today told me she does not think he is fit to be president. “I honestly do not think that he is, in my opinion, would make a good president as far as I’m concerned,” White told me in an exclusive interview on “GMA.”