Ms. Coulter pronounced it Democratic, not Democrat, so what’s the problem?

Adults watch “Morning Joe,” not children. “Sesame Street” it is not. So the audience can handle the likes of Ann Coulter, otherwise why book the bombastic right wing bandleader?

There’s also the reality that no one articulates right wing primary voters’ plight better than the screed merchant from the right.

Coulter’s presence led to a spectacular segment, adding more energy and relevancy on today’s conservatism than anything Peggy Noonan could ever bring to the show.

Then the inevitable happened, though Politico blasting out Coulter being bleeped was more about driving web page hits (glad to help on this one) than it was about anything that happened as a result, because after a moment of unnecessary awkwardness, the segment continued.

While talking about the Arizona senator, Coulter’s audio was bleeped by the show, cutting in and out three separate times, for a total of about 13 seconds.

After the sound returned, Coulter paused, realized that something had happened, and then could be heard asking others on the show, “What did I say? Oh, douche bag.”

“Just blur it all out,” host Joe Scarborough responded, apparently talking to the control room.

Mika Brzezinski looked away, acting like she couldn’t bare to look at Coulter. She is far more adept than to simply play the scold to Coulter’s fire breathing partisanship, which anyone booking this woman knew was going to erupt, because her volcanic style is not only legendary, but also why she’s invited on to cable. Mika could just as easily have said, “Now, that’s not necessary,” following what Mike Barnicle had done a few minutes earlier when Coulter laid into former Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Meanwhile, post bleep, Joe Scarborough tried to speed up time.

Coulter’s brand of acidity has become a tonic amid the hypocrisy of the Republican parade of wannabe candidates, the latest being Newt Gingrich’s move to the spotlight as this opportunistic K-Street resident hawks conservative credentials he doesn’t have. Her endorsement of Mitt Romney and her reasoning priceless. To paraphrase, Mitt’s flipped to her position, the conservative one, so what’s the problem?

What’s not to love about that?

Mr. Scarborough’s op-ed today for Politico is a perfect backdrop for Coulter’s decision to endorse Mitt Romney. An excerpt of the quiz he offers:

2. Who bragged about being a moderate with this comment, “There is a new synthesis evolving with the classic moderate wing of the party, where as a former Rockefeller state chairman, I’ve spent most of my life”? A. Mitt Romney B. Newt Gingrich C. Jon Huntsman

3. Who starred in a 2007 global warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi that was sponsored by Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection? A. Mitt Romney B. Newt Gingrich C. Jon Huntsman

5. Who was paid $312,000 by ethanol interests and then said ethanol is good for national security and for the economy? A. Mitt Romney B. Newt Gingrich C. Jon Huntsman

9. Which candidate went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and called Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan “radical” and “right-wing social engineering”? A. Mitt Romney B. Newt Gingrich C. Jon Huntsman

15. Which candidate was ranked by Cato Institute in 2008 one of the most fiscally conservative governors in America? A. Mitt Romney B. Newt Gingrich C. Jon Huntsman

16. Which candidate was cited by the Pew Center for running the “best-managed” state, hailed by Forbes magazine as the “most fiscally fit” and ranked first in the country for job creation? A. Mitt Romney B. Newt Gingrich C. Jon Huntsman

17. Whose economic plan does The Wall Street Journal consider the most impressive and conservative of the Republican presidential field? A. Mitt Romney B. Newt Gingrich C. Jon Huntsman

Mika Brzezinski tried to get Coulter to name Huntsman as the most conservative candidate running, however, what Mika misses is that Coulter’s neoconservative hawkism doesn’t consider avoiding foreign misadventures a conservative principle. That’s the problem with conservatives today, as they remain afflicted with Cheneyism.

Coulter rightly eviscerating Newt Gingrich is also something only she and Joe Scarborough have gone out of their way to do, with Scarborough bringing more focus to Mr. Huntsman lately as the real conservative than anyone else.

Joe should have Coulter back. Regularly. MSNBC should also make her a contributor. They can attach a rider to her contract on language and decorum if they’re that squeamish.

Love her or hate her, no one represents the way through for the Republican right wing primary voter better than Ann Coulter. She can articulate crazy better than any other conservative, she’s articulate and a consummate entertainer, something that MSNBC is sorely lacking.

Never before has the right needed Ann Coulter more desperately. Up is down this year. Insanity is now sane. Republicans need to provide Ann Coulter with a renaissance and with it she needs to up her game and leave “douchbag” behind her. Because in a year where Republicans can’t find any core at all, Ann Coulter is providing a compass for 2012.

The only thing that’s important is to win.