Let’s start here, Keystone XL Oil Pipeline: A Symbolic Struggle Steeped In Fuzzy Math, which leads us to a Cornell study. Here’s a snippet:

The battle is said to be about jobs vs. the environment, but it’s really about Republicans like the Koch Bros. selling the State Dept. and Pres. Obama a bill of goods Keystone can’t back up.

So now the Occupy movement is being occupied by the Keystone Pipeline proponents, which include the AFL-CIO led by Richard Trumka. “Jobsforthe99” is a pro-Keystone website. It trumpets an article from Richard Blackwell that is linked by Lucianne Goldberg, a right winger (some of you may remember her from Linda Tripp).

Huffington Post has a piece up on Keystone today.

There’s a “surround the White House” rally on November 6th trying to stop the approval of Keystone.

Jane Hamsher has an unintentionally hilarious post on Firedoglake, explaining that advertising policy is quite different from editorial. Keystone proponents are occupying her site via advertising that no business person should refuse.

Young people believe the environment matters. We need more of these individuals to get involved in politics, because the current crew is clueless.