“We need a leader, not a reader,” Cain told hundreds of cheering supporters inside a Nashua hotel ballroom. Some had traveled from nearby states to see him. – AP

What a colossal embarrassment Herman Cain has become. After serial allegations of sexual harassment, he also proved that thinking and answering questions about foreign policy, even recent events, is just too much for him. That goes double if an interview is videotaped.

So, if you had any doubts that his “campaign” was one big charade, give them up. Herman Cain has ditched the New Hampshire Union Leader interview. That’s not just big, it’s huge.

From Michael Calderone:

If Herman Cain stumbles on a foreign policy question during Thursday’s scheduled meeting with the influential New Hampshire Union Leader — as he did earlier this week when asked about President Obama’s handling of Libya — don’t expect to see the clip on an endless cable news loop.

That’s because Cain’s campaign has requested that the sit-down not be videotaped. And now, a scheduling matter puts the entire 10 a.m. interview in jeopardy.

Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid told The Huffington Post that “no reason was given” for the no-camera request and he “was a bit surprised” by it. So far, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum have all met with the Union Leader and allowed C-SPAN to tape the newspaper interviews for broadcast.

No reason needs to be given. Just watch Cain’s interview on Libya or better yet, Jon Stewart’s take down of Mr. Cain.

As for the video at the top, it’s via Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo and TPM’s Benjy Sarlin and ABC’s Susan Archer, all of whom picked up on a classic Herman Cain quote that is straight out of “The Simpsons,” which is shown above.

At this point Herman Cain is trying to get out of his fake presidential candidacy with his book tour and speaking hopes intact.