The Washington Post on former Pres. Bill Clinton’s new book:

Bill Clinton has advice, and some criticism, for President Obama in new book

“The Democrats did not counter the national Republican message with one of their own,” Clinton writes of the Democratic losses in 2010. “There was no national advertising campaign to explain and defend what they had done and to compare their agenda for the next two years with the GOP proposals.” He compares it with his own congressional defeats in 1994.

The very existence of such a book by the former president ““ which Clinton says was inspired by the 2010 midterm losses ““ has produced some eye-rolling among senior Obama advisers and is certain to spur a new round of unwelcome comparisons between the 1990s and today. …

[…] His more cutting criticism of Obama is implied. Clinton praises Wall Street executives, saying that many would be willing to contribute to improving the economy and cutting the deficit. “Many of them supported me when I raised their taxes in 1993, because I didn’t attack them for their success,” Clinton writes. Unspoken is that Obama has at times eviscerated Wall Street for its excesses, infuriating its leaders.

Amen on 2010, much of which should be laid at the feet of Tim Kaine, now running for senator in Virginia. What a colossal mistake, but it’s been one of Pres. Obama’s biggest mistakes during his first term: taking up economic Republicanism, while shunning progressive economics until he realized it was causing him reelection problems.

However, what Mr. Clinton misses by a mile regarding Wall Street is that he didn’t preside over a fatal collapse of the economy, which hinted at real malevolence of Wall Street fat cats that were responsible. Going on the assessments of what Clinton has written, because I have not read his book yet — I’m still working with my publisher on my own book that will be out soon — I’d say it’s impossible for Bill Clinton to judge accurately how he’d have reacted in the same situation.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s preposterous for Mr. Clinton to imply Pres. Obama shouldn’t have taken out after Wall Streeters after the debacle they caused. The Obama administration and A.G. Holder haven’t been nearly tough enough on Wall Street for my money.

The New York Times article on WJC’s book is titled “With a Book, the Last Democrat in the White House Tries to Help the Current One.”

But leave it to the New York Post to go with “Clinton Book Slams Bam.” It’s likely to be the view of the “eye-rollers” in the Administration, too.