Remember who we are…

From a whisper to a rallying cry, V.P. Joe Biden reveals how it’s done. Not because of just the words, but because you believe the man who’s saying it. He’s the exact vice president Barack Obama needs, providing the perfect emotional connection to issues, not just professorial meanderings on a theme.

GOP getting in way of change, Biden tells Democrats, teachers union

Paraphrasing President Franklin Roosevelt’s attacks on his Republican critics in the 1930s, Biden belittled House Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Leader Eric Cantor and Senate President Mitch McConnell as “a beautiful rhythm of obstructionists, Boehner, Cantor and Mitch.”

Biden accused Republicans of creating the very budget deficits that they campaign against, and of not understanding that their tax-cuts proposals and vow to kill health-care reform would make the budget situation worse.

“That’s what I find absolutely bizarre: Republicans moralizing about deficits. That’s like an arsonist moralizing about fire safety,” he said. “These guys have zero credibility.”

[…] Biden said Republicans had sold the public the message that teachers and their union are responsible for bad schools.

“Folks, this is one of the biggest scams in modern American history,” he said. “They’re using you to launch the most direct assault on labor, not just in my lifetime, but since the ’20s.”

Go get ’em, Joe.

Video via Mark Halperin’s “Biden Indicts Every Republican Leader in America.”