When right wing talker Bill Cunningham opposes something from John Kasich, it’s a moment to sit up and take notice. Cunningham is not only a good friend of Kasich, but a die hard supporter. Last night on Schultz’s show, Cunningham and the working class hero, Schultz, found common cause. It was a beautiful thing. But then, even Cunningham knows when you strip collective bargaining out you’re hurting cops and firefighters. As the right wing talker said last night, in Ohio, these heroes won’t be voting Republican anytime soon.

Now to Romney, from The Hill:

Romney, during a visit to a GOP phone bank in Ohio Tuesday, earned the ire of conservatives when he indicated he would not take a stand on Ohio ballot Issue 2, which seeks to overturn Kasich’s legislation limiting the collective bargaining power of government union workers.

“I fully support Gov. Kasich’s Question 2 in Ohio,” Romney said at a campaign stop in Virginia Wednesday. “I’m sorry if I created any confusion there.”

I’ll give Mr. Romney credit for one thing. He went the full distance to day he was sorry for whiffing the moment. Mitt’s wrong, of course, but he’s sorry.

However, it was stupid. But Mitt making the case for collective bargaining rights for cops and firefighters, to name just two groups, is just not in Mr. Wall Street’s soul.