“Twenty percent flat tax: put it on there, take your deductions off, send it in. Even Tim Geithner can get his taxes in on time with this, I’m telling ya.” – Gov. Rick Perry

The snippets of a speech Gov. Rick Perry gave in New Hampshire over the weekend is getting some buzz (h/t Huffington Post).

Not the Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment buzz, but bad publicity, nonetheless.

Mr. Perry looks possessed at times. …or drunk. It’s just plain odd. It’s like he’s accidentally auditioning for a spot on Comedy Central.

Whoever thought this guy was presidential material should have his or her head examined. It makes me think it was his wife, Anita Perry, who had her own dreams of being first lady.

However, Gov. Perry’s delusional White House dreams are now having repercussions in Texas. Herman Cain is has tied Perry in the Lone Star state, according to a new poll. That’s got to hurt.

Gov. Rick Perry is statistically tied with businessman Herman Cain among Republican presidential primary voters in his home state of Texas, with the rest of the GOP candidates well behind the leaders, according to the new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll.