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Lady Gaga Serenades Bill Clinton

Gaga – who also crooned a Marilyn Monroe-esque version of “Happy Birthday” to the former president, who celebrated his 65th in August – suggested that the audience should get “caught up in a little Bill romance.” She then launched into her 2009 hit as she slipped off a skirt that covered the lower half of her nude-colored bodysuit, wiggling her booty as she did so. As the video below reveals, Bill and Hillary Clinton both had a good laugh … – Lady Gaga serenades Bill Clinton with ‘Bad Romance’

I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan. Only she could take a page from Marilyn Monroe and not only add to it, but obliterate it.

This should wake you up and get your week started.

More from the concert is below. (Gaga at around 22 minutes then serenades Hillary, too.)

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