Rick Perry’s got nothing to gain by showing up at yet another debate to prove he’s unimpressive. Perry’s ineptitude at speaking in clear, concise and understandable sentences, while simultaneously trying to make the point he’s presidential, has now been proven conclusively. Perry’s pros that recently signed on, which includes George W. Bush man, Joe Allbaugh, know this.

But even with the new staff, Perry’s nemesis, Jennifer Rubin, still isn’t impressed. Her writing on Perry has been absolutely devastating, worse than any Democratic aide could conjure up and more eviscerating than Romney’s team could hope.

The plain truth is that Perry has yet to win a straw poll or deliver a “wow” speech. Perhaps he and his new team can figure out out to rearrange all the pieces, repackage their candidate and introduce a compelling message. But in the end it is Perry whom a plurality of Republican primary voters must trust and like. Right now they don’t.

The Republican debates have been too plentiful, all revealing the inner crazy of too many candidates that shouldn’t even be on the stage, though in Perry’s case it’s been all about the fact that he’s simply not up to the level any Republican needs to be to have any chance of beating Obama. But he’s got company, including one of those crazy candidates who is now a Tea Party favorite, Herman Cain.

Dan Balz in Ohio gets the answer from a Republican focus group. Talking about Herman Cain:

“Do you think this person could be president of the United States?” he asked. “Is anybody willing to raise your hand and say, “˜I would be comfortable if he became the next president of the United States?’—°”

Not a hand went up.

Maybe his team should do ads for the cigarette lobby instead?

In this same focus group, Rick Perry got some very bad news.

…Perry left this group cold. If he is the person many GOP strategists believed was destined to challenge Romney for the nomination, no one had given that memo to these Ohioans.

Meanwhile, Michael Isikoff reported yesterday for NBC’s investigative unit, that K-Street has already come down on the side of Mitt Romney, with congressional Republicans starting to sign on, too, which isn’t surprising.

The Mittster’s now got his very own hashtag on Twitter: #flipflopMitt. But nothing compares to this website from Democrats: WhichMitt.com It’s fantastic.

Oh, and one last note. The Tea Party is asking Michele Bachmann to quit, citing she’s ruining their brand. I guess that’s a step up from when Jonathan Alter (and others) told Hillary to back off, because she was hurting Obama. It is interesting how the girl is always the one to be asked to quit, especially this time around, because equally gafferiffic men are still standing beside Bachmann, getting a pass.

What’s Rick Perry got that Michele Bachmann doesn’t? Answer: establishment men behind her.