No two people represent the preening, whining celebrity culture of our politics more than Mr. Obama and Mrs. Palin.

After Speaker Boehner stiff-armed Pres. Obama, I was waiting for this predictable storyline to surface. It’s fitting it comes from Roger Simon.

Who cares? The White House cares. Very much.

[…] Yet the White House did not see this as an obstacle. “With all due respect, the POLITICO-MSNBC debate was one that was going on a cable station,” the White House source said. “It was not sacrosanct. We knew they would push it back and then there would be a GOP debate totally trashing the president. So it wasn’t all an upside for us.”

There was actually no upside for Obama at all. In fact, the scheduling was a softball for Republicans, who decided to turn the whole thing into a bench-clearing political brawl. The problem for the President is that he came out looking feckless, as usual, with the added insult of further demoralizing many Democrats and progressives who have had it with the White House.

The whole thing was handled like amateurs are in charge of the Administration, with the news now coming out that the White House is pissed it all fell apart. Bill Daley is either incompetent or Pres. Obama remains the most gullible man in Washington. Simon’s article has Boehner’s office denying they had any deal on a speech. So, there you have it.

…and speaking of amateurs, seque to Sarah Palin, who’s still garnering press for her never ending presidential teasing. Her latest political tantrum surrounding her speech in Iowa resembles the same thing going on from the Obama White House. Fox News delivers the bad news for Palin’s ridiculous posturing over a presidential run:

All in all, most voters — 74 percent — think Palin should stay on the sidelines in 2012. Just 20 percent think she should run for president.

Sarah can’t afford to announce her candidacy at the point because she’d be humiliated, further destroying the myth that she has a chance at the nomination, which she does not.

Michele Bachmann is the one who ended up making history this year, being the first conservative female to win a straw poll, caucus or primary in Republican history. This happening while Mrs. Palin destroyed the clout she built up in 2010, while making herself look unprofessional by playing in her own presidential sand box as 2012 passes her by. It’s also Bachmann who has the best shot at demeaning Rick Perry, which is an easy thing to do given his ridiculous positions that will cause Independents, women and many suburban Republicans not to vote at all if the GOP is stupid enough to nominate this man.

Looking to 2012, Palin has been easily upstaged by Bachmann, Perry and Paul, while Obama’s economic fumbling and lack of messaging over his first term has delivered a playing field ripe for Republicans.

CHARLIE COOK: “The thing is, I think a placebo would have an excellent chance of winning. I think this is the Republicans’ race to lose. You can’t nominate a placebo, you have to nominate a real person and whether who they nominate can do as well as a placebo.”

If they nominate Rick Perry, lose they will.