Bring on “class warfare” and may the Democrats lean into it.

I guess Mr. Ryan missed the latest poverty statistics. No one is surprised that a Republican sees no virtue in a millionaire minimum tax.

Representative Paul D. Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee and a leading proponent of cutting spending on benefit programs like Medicare, said the proposal would weigh heavily on a stagnating economy.

On “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Ryan said it would add “further instability to our system, more uncertainty, and it punishes job creation.”

“Class warfare,” he said, “may make for really good politics, but it makes for rotten economics.”

Well, if anyone knows about “rotten economics” it’s the man who wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program that will eventually make Medicare obsolete.

Pres. Obama deserves no credit for a move on the millionaire minimum tax, but also backing down on entitlement cutting. He was dragged to this point by the “professional Left” and the polls, which show he’s not only cratering among Independents, but after NY9 has seen the stark reality of his Democratic support go soft, which has made national news with grumbling from insiders.

Some analysts, though not moi, now believe 2012 is the Republicans to lose, but Obama can’t win it. That’s just ludicrous. Having watched Barack Obama back when he was trying to win the nomination I’ve seen how he campaigns and the way Team Obama fights, dirty and relentlessly. I’ve also seen the Republican field and with Rick “ponzi” Perry’s seduction, the only thing they’ll inspire is a third-party bid for president.

But these latest economic developments should infuriate every single movement progressive, because Pres. Obama wasted so much time on selling austerity that it became part of the American bloodstream, even as the American people were showing the way. The White House did the same stupid things on health care.

The middle class is teetering on uncertainty. Minority community unemployment has skyrocketed. …and the rich? They’re doing just fine.

“Class warfare” is exactly what many Americans locked out of the income vein in this country are feeling is required today. In the middle of historic economic unfairness Republicans are talking to their own choir, which is very good news for Democrats, provided the President doesn’t blow it with his fetish for austerity Republicanism.

Mr. Obama begins his pitch in the Rose Garden and will take it to Capitol Hill tonight.

In the meantime, the bootstrap Republicans who tell people lies to get them to vote against their own interests will be hissing “class warfare.” Rush Limbuagh will squeal like a stuffed pig today.

What Ryan and his merry band of robber barons don’t get is that this latest economic shift of Pres. Obama is not just a win-win for him politically, because he’s finally gotten something right economically. But more importantly, at a time when Democrats and progressives had written Pres. Obama off, this gives them renewed hope.

Team Obama has figured out they can’t win without the base being revved up. However, nobody should be fooled. The politics of what’s happening is one thing, but the record on Pres. Obama is that he believes in entitlement cuts reforms and he’s the one who put them on the chopping block. The kicker is so do Republicans, but they want to end Medicare, Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Unless something miraculous develops, come 2012 entitlements will change forever.

Pick your political poison.