Depends on which Edward M. Kennedy you’d ask.

Teddy Kennedy of 1978, who stood up to challenge Jimmy Carter no matter the cost, he might have one opinion of Barack Obama’s presidency.

I remember that Kennedy, while I stood in gas lines in New York City and watched how helpless America looked during the Iranian hostage crisis.

Today we can’t even talk about something as bold as a primary challenge to Pres. Obama, no matter that he’s earned it. The money juggernaut of Obama reelect is one reason, but with even progressives proclaiming no one can challenge Obama because he’s the first African American president, as Markos Moulitsas did with Keith Olbermann recently, it puts Barack Obama in a very special class of his own; one that elevates the politician over policy prescriptions that shore up our country’s overall health.

The Tea Party crazies wouldn’t be interested in this type of political etiquette, if you will. They want to win the argument through legislation, while managing to change the entire economic debate by taking on the GOP establishment and forcing an outcome the insiders couldn’t have come close to getting on their own. Tea Party outsider muscle helped Republicans beat Pres. Obama and his entire economic and political teams combined.

The Kennedy who endorsed Barack Obama in the star studded media extravaganza, covered by cable with full fanfare that would have been embarrassing to Edward R. Murrow, what would he think today of Obama’s presidency?

Sen. Kennedy proudly passed the torch, but Obama’s presidency as it stands today, well, it’s hard to imagine this is what Teddy had in mind.

Things aren’t getting better because the administration doesn’t even recognize that they are – that their boss is – the problem.John Aravosis