Peach Liqueur bottle fell from 6' bar shelf, missed the cat by an inch & didn't break.

MSNBC is reporting the 5.9 earthquake that hit northern Virginia and across the east coast was the largest since 1897 and “released the equivalent energy of 10,676 tons of TNT.”

The North Anna plant lost off-site power.

Our birds began freaking out just minutes before it hit, so I knew something was up. It was a very respectable tremor that sent our kitties flying. It lasted more than a 10-count where we live.

Today is primary day in Virginia, so it will be interesting to see how this will impact it.

As a long-time former Southern California resident, I experienced the Northridge quake when I was living just down from Sunset Blvd, which was epic.

I’ll likely not see the beasts the rest of the day… Our classic champagne flutes survived.

UPDATE 2: The tweet of the day, via Howie Klein. Oh, I just can’t stop laughing…

UPDATE: NBC’s Robert Bozell said something interesting; that the harder environment on the east coast versus the softer ground on the west coast made the tremor travel further and wider.