Mark Halperin has a very odd interview (including video) with Texas Gov. Rick Perry that doesn’t focus on one single issue. It’s all touchy, feely, are you okay with the Bushes insider nonsense, which doesn’t speak to Perry’s politics and his outlandish religiosity.

This is the guy who’s supposed to unify the establishment, jettison slick Mitt, pacify the Tea Party pack and go on to beat Barack Obama? In the 21st century, this is the best Republicans can do?

What’s the difference between Perry’s evangelical extremism and Michele Bachmann’s? What makes Perry the go to guy, while Bachmann is a little too crazy? Now, don’t get me wrong, Bachmann’s politics are crazy, but no worse than Perry’s. What makes Perry acceptable is the man thing. Evangelicals don’t take to women running things; they like them on their knees. Or maybe it’s Marcus Bachmann who’s even too much for the wingnuts?

Pres. Obama and his team couldn’t possibly get this lucky.