Well, at least Mr. Perry didn’t double down.

When a member of the audience asked Perry a question about the Federal Reserve, Perry began his answer by saying: “I got in trouble talking about the Federal Reserve yesterday. I got lectured about that yesterday.” – Rick Perry Accuses The White House Of Lecturing Him On Bernanke Comments: ‘I Got In Trouble’

Aw, poor Ricky “got in trouble” and “got lectured” yesterday. The Texan’s hangdog martyrdom doesn’t suit him and sounds like a little boy gone bad whine. But he had to pay the price so fundraisers would hightail it.

Pres. Obama saying Perry “needed to watch what I say” isn’t the shiny new wannabe wingnut candidate’s problem. It’s the Republican establishment who knows that as enticing as Perry is to Republicans like Nicole Wallace, who on “Morning Joe” called him a cold drink of water in a desert, he’s a political liability in a general election that Republicans actually have a chance in winning.

Obama gave Perry a pass, but why wouldn’t he? Perry’s not Obama’s problem and he’s also not the tougher candidate to go up against, either. However, there’s nothing in the wacky world of Tea Party primary politics that hints Republicans will get a clue.

As for Mitt Romney, the “fragile” frontrunner the Tea Party pack loves to hate, he remains strong in New Hampshire, with Iowa beginning to cast a larger shadow over Mitt’s plans.

Among all voters surveyed Romney remains very popular with a favorable rating of 66% and an unfavorable rating of 24%. Perry also has a significantly favorable image ratio of 51% F / 27% U. Other candidates though are seeing their negative image ratings rise. Bachmann is still more popular than not with a 49% favorable rating. But 39% say they have an unfavorable opinion of her. – Poll: Romney rocks, Perry pops, Bachmann doesn’t bounce