Way down at the bottom of the latest CNN poll:

Meanwhile, the survey indicates that number of Democrats and independents who lean towards the Democratic party who would like the party to nominate someone else besides President Barack Obama has topped out after months of steady growth. Seventy-two percent of Democrats want to see Obama re-nominated, with 27 percent wanting a different candidate. That’s virtually unchanged since early August, although it is higher than in June.

The 27% isn’t a problem unless come November 2012 these people stay home, which could be a real issue. If almost 30% are disgruntled now with Pres. Obama, what could he do to entice them to come out to vote?

Is Rick Perry’s candidacy enough to make that happen?

Mitt Romney thinks it is, because he’s convinced Perry’s motor mouth will be a problem for Republicans. Guess what? He’s correct and in the coming weeks we may see that reality in action.

From Mark Thiessen:

Why should Romney attack Perry directly when the Democrats, the liberal media and Michele Bachmann will do it for him? Romney’s strategists note that Perry will have to survive five debates in six weeks ““ ample opportunity for Bachmann to “rip his eyes out” (as she did to Tim Pawlenty) or for Perry to blow himself up.

Well, “Romney’s strategists” also have to know that even if their candidate ultimately prevails, he’s going to need the Tea Party voters who prefer Perry, but also Bachmann and Rand Paul.

Romney also wouldn’t be the first presidential nominee out of Massachusetts who needed a Texan to help him win the White House, though the resemblances end there.