Michele Bachmann’s intensity is galvanizing voters in Iowa right now and Newsweek’s cover captures that. – Tina Brown

Female bloggers on the Right are pissed. Interesting that Elizabeth Flock from the Washington Post doesn’t even realize ignores that the picture of Palin in shorts came from Jon Meacham, via Runner’s World, though she does write it was before Tina’s time. She uses the Palin photo as an example of how differently she was covered than Bachmann.

Lois Romano’s piece in Newsweek about Michele Bachmann’s presidential run is not nearly as bad as this editorial cover. I felt like I was back watching “Sex and the City,” the episode where Carrie Bradshaw was on the cover of a magazine looking dreadful, because she didn’t show up on time for the photo shoot.

The title of Romano’s piece is even complimentary: Bachmann: Tea Party Queen – Why Michele Bachmann is riding high going into Iowa.

It’s a bad photo, but sexist? Hardly. As Politico reports, Mrs. Bachmann sat for the photo with Chris Buck, who’s also done George McGovern in a Speedo.

At Bachmann’s level, you never trust a photographer you don’t know, not ever.

Should Ms. Brown have run with it? That’s another question. But as her tweet reveals above, she was going for an editorial statement about Bachmann’s “intensity.” Its’ not like Newsweek readers don’t think of Bachmann as a bit wild-eyed.

Who knows, it might even give her a boost in Iowa with her fans who’ll sympathize with her against the lamestream media.