(Official White House Photo by Sharon Farmer)

It always comes down to relationships and Pres. Obama just doesn’t have them. Joe does.

An interesting back story put together by Politico’s Glenn Thrush, Carrie Budoff Brown, Manu Raju and John Breshnahan.

[…] With the talks going nowhere Saturday morning, the White House made “our last play,” according to a senior administration official, calling on Biden’s long-time connection to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). […]

McConnell wanted to negotiate primarily with Biden, concerned that other Democrats, especially Obama, would prove to be less trustworthy bargaining partners.

“Biden’s the only guy with real negotiating authority, and [McConnell] knows that his word is good,” said a senior GOP staffer close to the talks. “He was a key to the deal.”

… GOP House staffers were burnt out after months of fruitless meetings at the White House that they had taken to calling “joke meetings” or worse still, “Professor Obama’s lectures.”

[…] “There was nothing these far-right guys would say yes to,” said a leadership aide close to the talks. “It became clear that they were going to be intransigent no matter what.” …

Whether it’s been Afghanistan and Pakistan or the latest debt ceiling talks, nobody has turned out to be more valuable to Pres. Obama than Vice President Joe Biden.

…notwithstanding the… umuncomfortable moments that arise.