Well, at least Harry can count, not only doing proper math, but it’s likely he’s the one who has the votes he needs, while the jury’s out for Mr. Boehner.

In the battle of budget scores, the Senate Democrats deficit reduction bill is the clear winner thus far over an alternative by Speaker John Boehner, which has had to be pulled back from a floor vote for retooling. […] A second factor is the Senate’s willingness to take advantage of CBO baseline rules and claim large savings from winding down US military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. – Reid savings trumps Boehner plan

As for the White House, Pres. Obama has a fairly clear schedule today, according to reports, including Chuck Todd. After a day that had even Jay Carney on “Hardball,” you can bet this only means frantic movement behind the scenes to get this thing done.

Robert Reich peels back some of the self-interest behind S&P’s motives, as Wall Street starts to be a real player as well.

Anyone else find it vaguely amusing Reid and Senate Democrats are pushing to end wars in order to get a deal on the debt ceiling?