Art offers his perspective as a movement progressive activist.

As President Obama and Congressman Cantor hash out trillions in cuts, which no economist says we can afford , our POTUS has tossed in cutting Social Security benefits among other programs. Let us be clear: these SS cuts will destroy lives in ways no Republican has been able to accomplish.

By ending COLA, which uses inflation to raise your benefit payments, most Americans would see by the year their SS checks get smaller. This is immoral and cruel. And as usual which group would pay the most of a price? Women. And among women black women will pay the worst fate.

African American women are most likely to be impoverished in this country. If COLA is abolished poverty will rise sharply, especially among black women. Strengthen Social Security, the progressive org fighting to save the program, is shouting from the rooftops against cuts:

According to the National Women’s Law Center’s analysis of Current Population Survey data, in their report on how the chained CPI would affect women, the median annual Social Security benefit for a 65-year-old single African American woman is $10,680. (By contrast, the median benefit for all single senior women is $13,200.)

That puts the median benefit for African American woman seniors just above the 2010 poverty line for individual seniors, which is an obscenely low $10,458.

So right now a black single woman on average gets just above poverty levels of SS. And what happens to black women if COLA is cut?

…by age 70–after just five years of collecting Social Security benefits–the median benefit for African American single women seniors would dip below the poverty line, and continue on a downward spiral as those women age, cutting nearly $1,000 by the time they reach age 95. …

…the median benefit would go below the poverty level for non-married African American women, and that a near-majority of non-married elderly African Americans rely on Social Security for all of their income–lead to the conclusion that the chained CPI would lead to an increase in poverty among elderly African Americans.

What is more, the fact that the chained CPI’s cuts increase as beneficiaries age will be especially harmful to African American women, who live longer than African American men. Life expectancy for African American women at age 65 is 83, compared with 79 for African American men.

So if these pols get their way black women face an even harder life in America. They live longer than black men and if COLA is scrapped more will face hellish poverty.

National Women’s Law Center has done a incredible report against ending COLA. In their report they highlight, for all women, the price that would be paid if cuts are made. I urge everyone to read their report here .

A graph from Strengthen SS starkly shows that many more seniors would face many hungry days with these cuts in place:

As someone on SSI the thought of anyone getting cuts in SS pay by the year is just sickening- literally.

I do not think the public is well educated on what is being hurriedly hashed in DC despite efforts by AARP and others running ad campaigns alerting folks to cuts. So it’s our job to spread the word as much as possible on facebook, by phone, and email (use the tools email feature on this page under this post). Hound your member of congress on this issue right now. Contact list:

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