According to five separate sources with knowledge of negotiations — including both Republicans and Democrats — the president offered an increase in the eligibility age for Medicare, from 65 to 67, in exchange for Republican movement on increasing tax revenues. – Sam Stein

Let’s hope the elites in the room carving up the cake can’t agree, so all they can do is lift the debt ceiling. It’s the only hope for the Democratic Party as we’ve known it.

Keith Olbermann did one of his “special comments” last night on Pres. Obama’s offer to Republicans to serve up portions of the Democratic social safety net. It was as powerful as the old days, as the video above illustrates, though this one coming from Keith had to hurt. He was one of the most ardent media powerhouses who pleaded candidate Obama’s case. That he was so totally suckered showed, while he implied Pres. Obama offering up Medicare and other entitlements is not who he is. Sadly, Mr. Olbermann is wrong and just because I’m not surprised in the least that Pres. Obama is willing to auction off the entitlements as we know them today to Republicans, it makes me sad, too. I also agree on another thing he said.

Olbermann referred to the unknown impact of Obama selling Democrats out, but more importantly, the country itself and those in real need. He then questioned, though in a less straight forward and some would say more eloquent manner than I’m about to offer, whether there are enough people out there who give a crap about changing these important safety net programs to throw this man out of office, which would be deserved, if he does it.

Charles Blow tweeted: If Deal pushes Medicare to 67 blk men are out. 67 is blk mens’ life expt

Paul Krugman wrote: He’s Just Not That Into You – Where by “he” I mean Obama, and by “you” I mean Democrats, and everything they stand for

It’s also quite possible that Pres. Obama has sold the Republican austerity case so well on the Democratic side, while ignoring progressive economics, that when taken with the Republican campaign, the effect is total. The country’s divided on whether raising the debt ceiling even matters, so it’s clear Pres. Obama has failed to make the case of how urgent this is, though it’s begun in earnest now, with even Republicans forced to make the case. You won’t hear it from the fringe, including Michele Bachmann, who is now leading in Iowa.

That there’s no guarantee or route to force Barack Obama to pay for going down this road in the first place has got to be a sobering realization for progressive activists. But it’s entirely possible Obama could win in ’12 regardless of turning his back on what Democrats stand for, all for the sake of his own legacy, because there are likely enough voters and loyalists who don’t care about issues as much as beating Republicans, while the Serious People (and Lawrence O’Donnell) bet and David Plouffe predicts independents will hail him a “centrist,” which is all they think they need. The New York Times already has.

Democrats and progressives are not the Right, who’d drop this man in a New York minute if he was a Republican who did something like this on taxes, their “sacred cow,” to use Obama’s derisive word.

Olbermann also interviewed Rep. Raul Grivalja, who simply said it’s every Democrat for himself if Pres. Obama and the Republicans agree to a deal that sacrifices parts of the social safety net.

It already is.