The debt ceiling debacle is making everyone look rudderless and without any leadership game.

The good news for Obama reelect is that the American people have the attention span of a newborn gnat.

From Gallup:

President Obama’s job approval rating is at a new low, averaging 40% in July 26-28 Gallup Daily tracking. His prior low rating of 41% occurred several times, the last of which was in April. As recently as June 7, Obama had 50% job approval.

[…] Obama’s job approval rating among Democrats is 72%, compared with 34% among independents and 13% among Republicans. In the prior three weeks, his average approval rating was 79% among Democrats, 41% among independents, and 12% among Republicans.

One thing Barack Obama, David Plouffe and Mr. Axelrod obviously haven’t learned is the lessons of George W. Bush, but also 2010. Those coveted Independents the White House is bending over backward to reach are a lot more impressed with strong leadership and someone who sticks his or her neck out than someone who keeps asking for Americans to call Congress, as if the President has no power at all.

Our political culture is so wrapped up in moderation, centrism, capitulation and compromise that the Tea Party extortionists are the only political class in this country who stand for anything, albeit a whole lot of crazy. Whereas, Democrats and Republicans are basically different sides of the same corrupt coin, with Mr. Wonderful at the top, whether you’re talking about Obama or Romney; both men nothing to behold when it comes to leadership or standing on a line. Mitt Romney’s learned well from Obama’s straddling stance of non-declaration and is basically following his “present” political state of mind.

It’s not 2012, so there’s a lot of time for Pres. Obama to recover. In fact, being down now might work in his favor, because he’s one hell of a political athlete when pushed up against it.

However, Pres. Obama’s biggest opponent isn’t the sorry-assed Republican to be named later. It’s the economy, which should worry everyone, whether you intend to support Barack Obama or not.