Bartlett said the political demise of George H.W. Bush convinced GOP leaders that tax hikes are political suicide. “And I don’t know that they’re necessarily wrong,” Bartlett said. “At some point the American public is going to have to shift their attitudes (about tax hikes), but the (Obama) administration has done nothing to bring them along.”Debt limit stalemate forces new look at tax hike debate

This is a very sad story about a president who cherry picked his political history and like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the Republican Right, has used his infatuation with the image of Ronald Reagan, without knowing the practical applications of the man’s politics, which never met a line he wouldn’t cross.

The short-sided stupidity of Pres. Obama’s austerity craze, which started with Simpson-Bowles, has now become a never ending, long-term, self-destructive nightmare for us all.