Photo of the Day: President Barack Obama talks with staff during a Domestic Policy Council meeting in the Oval Office, July 28, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

As Speaker Boehner pitifully massages a House bill into further irrelevance, after failing to heard the Tea Party anarchists to vote on his raising the debt ceiling bill, humiliating his speakership.

Pres. Obama has his own problems, after criticism began mounting that he’s been reduced to the sidelines.

In an effort to prove he’s still very much in the game, today, just a few minutes ago, Pres. Obama spoke in the Diplomatic Room, with Washington watching over him, slamming Speaker Boehner and Tea Party members for continuing to work on a bill that everyone knows is D.O.A. in the Senate.

Since Pres. Obama has refused to use the power of the presidency and the U.S. Constitution, invoking the 14th Amendment as Truman did [Update: There is some disagreement on this one, as he utilized an emergency clause in what precipitated the “Steel Seizure” case.], he once again turned to begging the American people to keep calling, emailing and even tweeting Congress.

Never has the presidency looked so small.

But Mr. Obama did get one thing right. Whether we have a AAA credit rating or not, we definitely do not have a AAA political system. He’s proven that all on his own.